Bragagni Vino Bianco

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Grapes: Albana + Famoso + Trebbiano

Region: Emilia Romagna, Italy

Vintage: 2020

Viticulture: Organic

Soils: Clay + Sand + Limestone

Vinification: The wine macerates for 15 days before being pressed. Fermentation and aging take place in stainless steel.

Aging: 6 months

Fining or Filtering: None

Sulfur: None added

Notes from the Importer: Andrea started making wine in 1998 without any experience in oenology or viticulture. His farm is upstream of the medieval village of Brisighella, in the village of Fognano. Spread over 25 hectares at an altitude of 350 meters, the estate is nestled in a valley surrounded by natural forest, preserving its unique microclimate. Only three hectares of vines are cultivated, all planted by Andrea himself: the white grapes (Albana, Famoso, Trebbiano) in 1999 and the reds (Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon) in 2000. A small new plantation of Albana was planted in 2017 and the Cabernet Sauvignon was re-grafted with Sangiovese in 2018.

The wines are the result of diligent work done in the vines throughout the year, with yields kept very low to focus on the quality of the fruit. Sandy top-soil quickly gives way to rocky, limestone - rich clay called Galestro. For whites, the indigenous Albana and Famoso grapes are championed, for reds Sangiovese and small amounts of Cabernet Sauvignon (these are much more traditional here due to the proximity to Tuscany). The cellar is a small, intimate affair with the wines fermenting and aging in stainless steel and old
tonneaux, often with long macerations for both the whites and the reds. Andrea has never used sulfur at any point in the estate's existence.

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