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Farmhouse Seltzer w/ Pineapple & Cinnamon

Seltzer? Let us explain. We have no interest in trying to compete in a market of super cheap, bang-for-your-buck, flavorless sparkling water with alcohol for frat parties and tailgating. But…we saw an opportunity to brew up something interesting, inspired by traditional or historical beverages, such as Tepache or Piquette or mead. And it wouldn’t be terrible for us to have a product that is low in sugar and gluten free.

What is a Farmhouse Seltzer? Well, it is a style we’re creating and discovering. This one is made with organic raw cane sugar, fermented with our house cultures in oak barrels for a couple months, and naturally conditioned in the can with local orange blossom honey.

And hell, we’re quite proud with the result of these experiments. We wouldn’t release them otherwise. And we think you’ll agree once you try them.

The pineapple and cinnamon are very mild. It’s an easy-drinking and refreshing beverage perfect for sipping by the pool on a hot summer day.

6.8% abv

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