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Chapuis Chapuis, Rully

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Grapes: Chardonnay 

Region: Bourgogne 

Vintage: 2019 

Viticulture: Organic 

Soils: Clay + Limestone 

Vinification: Direct press 

Aging: Neutral Oak 

Fining or Filtering: None

Sulfur: None 

Notes from the Importer: The Chapuis brothers were raised in the vineyards of Aloxe-Corton, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Romain fell in love with the wine and began touring the wine world to improve his craft. He had the luxury of learning under natural wine superstar Philippe Pacalet, who himself was educated by Marcel Lapierre (one of the most revered Beaujolais producers) and Jules Chauvet (the founding father of the French natural wine movement). Upon Romain’s return to Burgundy, he reunited with his brother and they decided to launch their own label. Starting a winery in Burgundy, however, is neither cheap nor easy; land is some of the most expensive in the world and regulations are strict. After founding Chapuis Frères in Pommard in 2009 (where their cellar once housed the kitchen of a 13th century castle), the brothers had just enough capital remaining for .8 hectares (two acres) of vines. Needing to supplement their own production with enough fruit to create a viable enterprise, they scoured the region for top sources of sustainably farmed grapes. Romain and his brother are making some of the most exciting and minimal intervention wines in the region and are quickly becoming rising stars in burgundy.

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