Ercole Barbera del Monferrato

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Grapes: Barbera

Region: Monferrato, Italy

Vintage: 2021

Viticulture: Organic

Vinification: Stainless steel tank fermentation

Aging: 1 yr

Fining or Filtering: None

Sulfur: Minimal

Notes from the Importer:  Ercole, whose English translation is Hercules, is only made possible by generations-old cooperative of local growers in the Monferrato area. Every fall, these men and women cultivate bright and balanced fruit, allowing us to make real wines that are transmitters of time and place.

The place, Monferrato, ranks among the most historic grape-growing areas of Piedmont. For that reason, we work primarily with Monferrato’s indigenous grape varieties. The fruit from this overlooked area gives us Ercole, a family of wines offering remarkable value. Enjoy these one-liter, screw-top bottlings unconditionally

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