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Floral Terranes, Sauvignon blanc

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Grapes: Sauvignon 

Region: New York, Long Island 

Vintage: 2021

Notes from the Importer: The 2017 vintage was the first commercial release of Floral Terranes, though the world “commercial” wasn’t (and isn’t) in any way appropriate for this project. With 2018, the collection both expanded and became more tightly focused. For 2019, the project continues, focusing on grapes harvested at Macari Vineyards and an anonymous, very secret “backyard vineyard” near Orient, very far east on the north fork. The apples are essentially foraged, with the blessing of the landowners of course. The apples are pressed with a simple basket press; most of the grapes are just gently trodden by foot. All fermentations are carried out exclusively by natural yeasts, in various barrels and glass jars of different sizes. Absolutely nothing is added or taken away to the juice. It is bottled, by hand, with very low doses of sulfur, in Erik’s garage / cellar in Rosyln. 

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