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Inebriati Ileor

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Grapes: Cab + Merlot

Region: Pic Sainte Loup, Languedoc, France

Vintage: 2019

Viticulture: Biodynamic

Soils: Limestone

Vinification: Co-fermented in tank

Aging: 6-9 months

Fining or Filtering: None

Sulfur: Minimal at bottling

Notes from the Importer:  Domaine Inebriati is a relatively young domaine in the Pic-Saint-Loup, being founded in 2011, but for sure one that is making waves. The wines started to pop up on our radar early in 2018 the way most things do these days, through social media feeds. For a longtime we have been following some of the top natural wine shops, writers, and wineries in France and Domaine Inebriati continually kept surfacing on these feeds. Curiosity eventually got the best of us, and we decided to checkout Inebriati for ourselves on a trip to France. 

Long story short the wines were as advertised. Victor is working with crazy old vines in the rugged “Gravette” soils of the Pic-Saint-Loup area of the Languedoc. The vines, which have actually belonged to his father for decades, were converted to Organic viticulture in 1985 and then switched to Biodynamic farming in 1989 (way before it became fashionable). 

Victor is steadfast in his belief in natural winemaking, refusing to use any additives, chemicals or other modern winemaking techniques, just grapes and native yeast. He’s also not one to follow the rules of the region, choosing instead to label many of his wines as Vin de France to allow for more freedom of varietals and blending. These wines are so tasty; and they just keep getting better.

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