Isabelle & Bruno Perraud "Moulin a Vent"

Isabelle & Bruno Perraud "Moulin a Vent"
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Grapes: Gamay

Region: Moulin a Vent, Beaujolais, France

Vintage: 2020

Viticulture: Biodynamic

Soils: Granite, Manganese

Vinification: 15 day maceration in concrete vats

Aging: Combination of stainless steel and old oak tanks

Fining or Filtering: None

Sulfur: None

Notes from the Importer: The estate situated in Vauxrenard, Beaujolais was founded in 1987.  Since, it has has grown from 1.5 hectare to 8.5 hectares.  The wines are vinified and bottled without the addition of sulfur or additives and are neither filtered or fined.

Bruno, a 6th generation wine grower, was joined in 1989 by Isabelle. In 1999, Bruno became very ill due to the use of insecticide and began the move towards organic farming.  By 2018, biodynamic conversion on the 8.5 hectares will also be complete.

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