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Jackhammer Wine Co Kristy's Vineyard Chardonnay Can

Jackhammer Wine Co Kristy's Vineyard Chardonnay Can

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Grapes: Chardonnay

Region: Monterey County, California

Vintage: 2016

Viticulture: Sustainable





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Notes from the Importer: Jackhammer is a partnership between Stephen Dooley, owner and winemaker of Stephen Ross Winery, and Sandy Garber owner and founder of Garber & Co Wine -- and their families.

Stephen Dooley and Sandy Garber,  have been friends and business associates since they met at Chalone Wine Group in 1987,   where Stephen was winemaker for Edna Valley Vineyards and Sandy was director of sales and marketing for the  Chalone Wine Group.  They have collaborated on many projects over the years.

Sitting together in the fall of 2011, at an undisclosed location in Topanga Canyon, sipping on glasses of Central Coast Pinot Noir, they hatched the idea for Jackhammer Wine Company.  They realized that there just wasn't enough good, inexpensive Pinot Noir available -at least, not that actually tasted like Pinot Noir.  And so the project began.  With all family members intimately involved, from financial management to label design - everything is done in house by the family team.

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