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Les Cigales dans la Fourmiliere "Polonaise"

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Grapes: Chardonnay + Muscat Petit Grain

Region: Languedoc, France

Vintage: 2021

Viticulture: Organic

Soils: Clay + Limestone

Vinification: Short maceration

Aging: 9 months

Fining or Filtering: None 

Sulfur: None added

Notes from the Importer:  Les Cigales dans la Fourmilière is the domaine of Ivo Ferreira and Julie Brosselin who live in Montpeyroux in the Languedoc.

Julie Brosselin’s Languedoc domaine is quite new, although she has plenty of experience, having previously been a partner in Le Petit Domaine.

Her wines generally are on the lighter side, with white wine mixed into some of the reds to make them more interesting and lighter to drink. But even her reds without the addition of white wine are still supple, light and delicious.

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