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Ludes Hermann Riesling

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Grapes: Riesling 

Region: Mosel, Germany 

Vintage: 2020

Viticulture: Sustainable

Soils: Gravelly

Vinification: Stainless steel

Aging: 6 to 8 months 

Fining or Filtering: None

Sulfur: Minimum 

Notes from the Importer: In total, they are farming around 11 hectares. Six hectares are flat vineyards in and around Thörnich. Before they were only producing wines this is where the animals would graze. Today, most of this fruit is sold bulk, though they may use some of the gravelly flat sites to blend into the basic “Hermann,” or not, depending on the quality of the vintage. I asked him about these sites; if they believe in steep-slope viticulture (and clearly they do, see next paragraph) why not sell the flatland vineyards? Julian responded quickly: “This is our family land; we will never sell a vineyard.” These vineyards also provide an easier income; in a way they help subsidize the rigor and the expenses of their steep-slope viticulture. - Von Boden -

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