Raphaelle Guyot "L'Idylle"

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Grapes: Gamay

Region: Auxerre, Burgundy, France

Vintage: 2022

Viticulture: Organic

Soils: Limestone

Vinification: Maceration for 15 days then fermented in tanks

Aging: 12 months in tank

Fining or Filtering: None

Sulfur: Small amount added at bottling

Notes from the Importer: Raphaelle Guyot’s winery sits on the periphery of what is still considered Burgundy, being geographically almost closer to the Loire than it is to the heart of Burgundian production. Here, they even have even have a Burgundy appellation that makes room for the use of Sauvignon Blanc! Although today the landscape is very stark, this is a part of Burgundy that pre-Phylloxera was planted prolifically with vines (over 200ha), and so raises the intrigue in curious growers like Raphaelle to explore the possibilities of replanting and discovering a forgotten landscape.

Having finished business school, Raphaelle then worked internships with an importer in China, as well as harvests in Sancerre and Chablis. Her experience naturally gave her a broad understanding of both the commercial and agricultural aspects of owning a winery, and it shines through in her demeanour and presentation of her work. Raphaelle is intrepid in her viticulture endeavours, seeing potential in the 0.5ha Les Hates parcel that was completely overgrown by wild vegetation and fruit trees, and painstakingly working it back to life to producing outstanding Pinot Noir. The vines she works with are always densely planted, and she believes that working the soils hard and regularly at the start, couple with biodynamic farming, is the key to producing exceptional quality fruit in the future.

Although she only has about 1.5ha currently under vine, Raphaelle has dreams to increase this to an impressive 15ha, and encourage diversity in the crops on the farm, including oat, wheats and lentils. She is actively integrating cattle and livestock into her vineyards and farms.All of her wines display a distinct freshness and the deft touch of a mature winemaker who is committed to working in a low intervention manner, but who will intervene where necessary. Although a big chunk of the production is from fruit purchased negociant style, the more she plants and begins to cultivate and produce from her own grapes, the more she believes the quality of the wines will improve and take on a greater identity.

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