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We have a few different ways for you to enjoy wine, from our featured tasting, to wine by the glass, and by the bottle. We are here to help guide you through our fun and unique wines, so just let us know what you are in the mood for!

If you want to learn more about natural wine, we have wine classes so you can go more in can sign up here!

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Special Bottle Selects by Luna for Apero in Cali Event 


Tutti Frutti Ananas "Toranja", Grenache Gris, Roussillon, France $53

Mathieu Apffel "Soleyane", Altesse, Savoie, France $51


Christian Binner "Si Rose", Gewurtztraminer + Pinot Gris, Alsace, France $62

Escoda-Sanahuja "Els Bassotets" Macabeo, Catalonia, Spain $49


Tanca Els Ulls "Garnatxa", Grenache Noir, Catalonia, Spain $47

Bonhomme "La Tesniere", Pineau d'Aunis, Loire, France $61

Bubbles + Beer

Furlani "Rosato", Pinot Noir Rose Pet Nat, Italy $51

Brasserie des Voirons "Biere Vivante de Terre", Blond beer infused with 17 herbs, France $41


Special Magnum Pours By The Glass

Les Capriades, Chenin Blanc + Cabernet Franc Pet Nat, Loire, France $16

Guy Breton "Marylou", Gamay, Beaujolais, France $14

Wine By The Glass: $14 

Sparkling / Azimut "Brut Nature" Cava, Xarello + Macabeo + Parelleda, Catalonia, Spain (crisp + dry)

White / Philippe Chevarin "Le Souffle," Melon de Bourgogne, Loire, France (balanced + lean + briny)

White / Alexandre Dalet "Chattemite," Ugni Blanc + Grenache Blanc + Clairette, Provence, France (green stone fruit + silky)

Orange / Maloof "Where Ya Pjs At" Pinot Gris + Riesling, Willamette, Oregon (orange + berry + juicy)

Rose / Saint-Cyr "La Galoche," Gamay, Beaujolais, France (fresh + dry + slight citrus)

Chilled Red / Kolfok, "All Universe Together," Field Blend, Burgenland, Austria (juicy + crunchy)

Red / Domaine de Dauliac "Nucot," Malbec, Cahors, France (blackberry + voluptuous)

We have a rotating menu of wines by-the-glass. Just let us know what your are feeling like and we will find a wine for you!  


Light snacks 

Olive oil cake $11

Cheesecake $11

Tiramisu $5

Ice cream $6

Lobster roll $33

Castelvetrano Olives $5 *vegan*

Kettle Chips $3

Corn Nuts / Sea Salt $5 *vegan*

Corn Nuts / Smoked BBQ $7 *vegan*

Gusto Bread + Beurre de Baratte (butter) $7

Saucisson Sec charcuterie $7

Prosciutto di Parma charcuterie $10


Selection of 3 Cheese + Salted Almonds + Crackers  $19

Meredith's Dairy Sheep and Goat Cheese + Toasted Bread $15

Burrata + Toasted Bread $15

Tinned fish

Caviar (1oz) + Creme Fraiche + Kettle Chips $70 or Caviar (2oz) $140

ABC+ Trout Fillets in Curry Sauce $21 / with Toasted Bread $26

Ekone Smoked Oysters $17 / with Toasted Bread + Butter $22

Olasagasti Bonito Del Norte in EVOO with Toasted Bread $22

Fishwife Anchovies on Toasted Bread with Butter $18

Fishwife Smoked Salmon $15 / with Toasted Bread $20

Fishwife Smoked Rainbow Trout $15 / with Toasted Bread $20


Enoki Mushroom Snow Crab $15 / with Toasted Bread $20

Celery Root White Fish $15 / with Toasted Bread $20

Butter Beans (olive oil + lemon zest OR chilli crisp) $11 / with Toasted Bread $16


Happy Hour (Tues - Thurs / 2 - 6p)

Wine (White / Orange / Red / Sparkling) $10

Bizzaro Spritz $10


Everywhere Beer "Everyone" Kolsch $8

Everywhere Beer "Deep Breaths" Czech Pilsner $8

Brasserie des Voirons "Bière Vivante de la Roche de Mûrs" 750ml $43

Brasserie des Voirons "Bière Vivant de Terre" 25oz $41

Brasserie des Voirons "Bière Vivant d'Aligote" 25oz $43

--Exclusive Beer Offering for onsite only--

Cantillon Giardino "Drogone Lambic" 750ml  $95 

A blend with the pomace of Aglianico grapes and 3-year-old Lambic. Before being blended with the Lambic, the grapes underwent a 3-month pellicular maceration in chestnut barrels.

Cantillon "Gueze Lambic" 750ml $95

Real spontaneous fermentation beer, entirely made up of Lambic. This Lambic is brewed with organically grown wheat (35%), barley malt (65%), and with dried hops.

Other Beverages

Ghia Spritz $15

Bizzarro Spritz $12

Muz Vermouth - over ice, olive garnish $15

Hammerling Vermouth - neat $16


Topo Chico  $3

PROXIES sparkling rosé can $14

Ghia + Topo Chico  $15

Water provided by request only


Corkage $15

Pick any bottle off the shelf and open it here! If you are a wine club member, you get free corkage!! Not a member yet? Sign up here and get free corkage on your next visit.

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