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Welcome to Buvons! 

We have a few different ways for you to enjoy wine, from our featured tasting, to wine by the glass, and by the bottle. We are here to help guide you through our fun and unique wines, so just let us know what you are in the mood for!

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Today’s tasting :  Julien Guillot

Pinot Noir, Les Crays

Gamay, Maganite


Kara’s tapenade (kalamata olives + Mushrooms) + toasted bread $10

Saucisson sec $7

Meredith Dairy Sheep + Goat Cheese + Toasted Bread $15

Burrata + Olive Oil + Lemon Zest + Toasted Bread  $15

Cheese Plate (Cheese from Oh La Vache + Toasted Almonds + Raincoast Crisps) $18

Gusto Bread + Beurre de Baratte $7

Castelvetrano Olives $5

Caviar + Creme Fraiche + Kettle Chips $60

Scout Lobster + Kettle Chips $22 

Tartine with Ramon Pena Sardines in Olive Oil $20

Kettle Chips $3

Love Corn (Smoked BBQ or Sea Salt) $3 

Wine Chips Smoked Gouda $10

Happy Hour (Tues - Thurs / 2 - 6p)

Wine (White / Orange / Red / Sparkling) $10

Bizzarro Spritz $10

Wine Tasting  $22

Changes daily. Wine club tasting is on the 2nd Saturday of the month. 

Wine BTG $14

We have a rotating menu of wines by-the-glass. Just let us know what your are feeling like and we will find a wine for you!

Spritz $15

Vermouth $15

Ghia + Cava $15

Corkage $10

Pick any bottle off the shelf and open it here! If you are a wine club member, you get free corkage!! Not a member yet? Sign up here


Topo Chico  $3

Proxies BTG  $11

Ghia + Topo Chico  $11

Filtered water provided by request only

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