Pelican "Arbois Grand Curoulet Savagnin Ouille"

Pelican "Arbois Grand Curoulet Savagnin Ouille"
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Grapes: Savagnin

Region: Jura, France

Vintage: 2020

Viticulture: Biodynamic

Soils: Marl

Vinification: Grapes are lightly crushed then pressed and fermented in barrels and foudres. ⅓ is macerated on the skins for 1 night before being pressed

Aging: 500L barrels with no new oak

Fining or Filtering: None

Sulfur: Minimal

Notes from the Importer: Domaine du Pelican began with a bottle of wine.

"I tasted this bottle blind in a restaurant in Paris that I often go to. I always tell the sommelier to give me something blind and the only rule is that it has to be outside Burgundy. When he brought me this wine, I said, 'You forgot the rule, you brought me a wine from Burgundy.' And he said, 'I am afraid you're wrong.'" - Guillaume d’Angerville

The wine was a bottle of Stéphane Tissot’s Chardonnay Arbois Les Bruyères 2005 and it left such an impression on Guillaume that it inspired him to begin a search for vineyards in the Jura. After leasing Chateau Chavanes in Montigny-les-Arsures, Guillaume gained access to 5 hectares of biodynamically farmed vines that had been impeccably replanted ten years prior by the former owner. The domaine is supported by an additional 5 hectares of vines never touched by chemicals and formerly farmed by Jean-Marc Brignot. In 2014, Jacques Puffeney announced he would be retiring and that Guillaume would be taking over 4 hectares of his vineyards.

Within a short of period of time, Guillaume and his team in the Jura, led by François Duvivier, have adopted a Jurassic sensibility and are poised to do great things.

**Domaine du Pélican purchased this parcel of Grand Curoulet in 2012 from Jean-Marc Brignot. Prior to Brignot, it was owned by Robert Aviet, a well-known name in Arbois.

Grand Curoulet is one of the very best terroirs of Arbois. It is a North-facing parcel located on the side of a hill that dominates Arbois and the plaine de la Saône. Grand Curoulet is also believed to be where the first vines of Arbois were planted. Due to its North facing exposition and windy location, Grand Curoulet usually matures later than the other terroirs of Domaine du Pélican.

Domaine du Pélican’s parcel of Grand Curoulet is just under 5 hectares in size. The original plan in 2012 was to salvage the parcel’s many 60+ years vines but after one vintage, it became clear that the parcel needed to be rehabilitated and that salvaging the old vines was not going to be possible. The following year, the process to uproot the entire parcel started.

The parcel was replanted in 2015 with Savagnin (two thirds) and Chardonnay (one third). Savagnin was the predominant planting since Grand Curoulet is a terroir that is better suited for Savagnin. The soil is made of grey marls (about half the parcel) and multi-colored marls (green and red) from the Triassic period. These are the oldest marls found in the Jura.

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