Marinho Vin "Jurapil"

Marinho Vin "Jurapil"
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Grapes: Fernao Pires + Vital + Seminario

Region: Lisbon, Portugal

Vintage: NV

Viticulture: Organic

Soils: Clay + Limestone

Vinification: 5 days of maceration then 11 months on the lees

Aging: 11 months

Fining or Filtering: None

Sulfur: None added

Notes from the Importer: Born in Lisbon, Luís decided to move to Óbidos when he was 19. Living in the nearby village of Olho Marinho, the surrounding vines intrigued him. This curiosity quickly became a passion, and through visiting producers he liked, Luís befriended many of them and quickly became a fixture at their harvests. By 2017, wanting to take things to the next level, he started working with Rodrigo Filipe of Humus and has been there ever since.

That year, he also decided to rent some vineyards close to Óbidos and start a solo project. Now totaling 2.5 acre, Luís rents several plots between 40 and 120 years old. The area's fresh climate makes for longer maturation periods (the proximity to the sea makes for very foggy summer mornings) and Luís typically picks in October. The soils are sand or over and full of fossils (the area was a delta from the late Jurassic period). The vines are 5km from the sea. In 2021, Luís will plant his first vines from his own sandy clay limestone mass selections. He does 100% of the viticulture alone with zero mechanization, working organically though not certified.

The manual work extends to the cellar, the only electric instrument being a bottling machine to cork. The wines macerate and start their fermentations in 1000L vats, then are racked to barrel finish fermenting and elevation. The wines are not yeasted, filtered or fined and S02 is not used at any point of the production. To ensure top quality, only perfectly healthy grapes are harvested at optimal maturity.

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