Tippler Club - a monthly wine selection

a habitual drinker of alcohol.
origin: late Middle English (denoting a retailer of alcoholic liquor)

The Tippler Club is a monthly wine subscription that consists of fun, interesting, and off the beaten-path natural wines. Each selection is based on the season or a new discovery, and are sent with pairing possibilities, tasting notes, and interesting stories that make these wines truly unique.

There are 6 options to choose from:
Primed : 1 Bottles / month for $30
Tipsy : 2 Bottles / month for $60
Sozzled : 3 Bottles / month for $90
Goosed : 4 Bottles / month for $120
Unicorn : 1 Rare Bottle / month + Wine Class for $125
Champagne : 1 Rare Champagne / month for $150

The wines are hand-selected and vary in style but will be predominately from old world regions with occasional new world sprinkled in. They can be enjoyed either with food or alone - depending on the experience you're looking for and we will send you information on each of the wines you'll be enjoying, as well as recommendations on food pairings.
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