Maisons Brulees "R2L'O"

Maisons Brulees "R2L'O"
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Grapes: Gamay + Pineau D'Aunis + Pinot Noir

Region: Loire, France

Vintage: 2020

Viticulture: Biodynamic certified

Soils: Silex + Clay

Vinification: Whole-cluster fermentation and semi-carbonic

Aging: Aged in old barrels for 1 year

Fining or Filtering: None

Sulfur: None added

Notes from the Importer: Located in the Cher Valley, the property is run by Paul and Corinne Gillet, who took over the estate from Michel and Beatrice Augé in 2013. Paul and Corinne’s roots are in Alsace, however for the decade prior to taking over Maison Brûlées the couple traveled, working on various projects that focused on their ability to innovate with the materials around them. Natural hosts, Paul and Corinne moved from France after running an epicerie full of specialty items and wine, to Argentina where they did pop ups and subsequently opened a French-bistro. When they moved back to France it was with the intention of making wine, and they followed this new point of interest to the Loire where Paul began to work under Michel. It wasn’t with the intention of inheriting Maison Brûlées that Michel began this internship, at this point it was only to learn the biodynamic methods they employed, and he left the property after some time in order to go back to his home in Alsace and study under Bruno Schueller. Yet when Michel decided to retire and proposed the opportunity for the Gillet's to take over the estate, they accepted and returned with their mind set on making the Loire their new home. This sort of torch passing is one that proves the power of terrain. The estate of Maison Brûlées, although first harnessed by Michel and Beatrice, has maintained its own idiosyncratic qualities that now express themselves differently after being placed in a new set of hands. Following several years producing the Maison Brûlées wines, Paul and Corinne have set their own standards. Known for picking grapes in their maturity, they highlight the dark red fruit of the Loire and its potential for somewhat brooding wines that still sparkle with bright, underlying acidity. Paul and Corinne continue to host as well, with an open table during harvest known to feature the charcuterie and meat dishes that harken back to their Alsatian roots.

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