Menti "Roncaie Sui Lieviti"

Menti "Roncaie Sui Lieviti"
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Grapes: Garganega 

Region:  Gambellara, Veneto, Italy  

Vintage: 2020

Viticulture: Organic + Biodynamic

Soils: Volcanic Soils

Vinification: Destemmed

Aging:  Concrete. After bottling, Stefano adds dried Garganega must to kick off a secondary fermentation in bottle

Fining or Filtering: None

Sulfur: None

Notes from the Importer:  "Sui Lieviti" is Italian for "on its lees" and "Roncaie" is "forest" in the local dialect. The vineyards used to be forestland and wasn't cultivated until the 18th century.

Giovanni Menti has become synonymous with the natural wine movement and was among the first to pioneer (and master) the “pet nat” movement in Italy. Led today by Stefano Menti, a man whose eyes twinkle when he speaks about his craft, the estate farms pergola vineyards of Garganega in Gambellara, just east of Verona, in the Veneto region. Stefano is deeply committed to channeling his volcanic soils through his wines and prefers to exist entirely outside of the appellation. (Their unofficial slogan is "vino volutamente declassato" or "wine voluntarily declassified.") Their wines will make you reconsider what Soave is all about.

Giovanni Menti was founded at the end of the 19th century in Gambellara by Stefano’s great-grandfather who made wine for his own personal consumption in this small town nestled between Vicenza and Verona in the Veneto. Generation upon generation, Menti concentrated its cultivation in the Garganega varietal which is renowned for its versatility. Stefano joined the company following his father in 2001. He introduced organic farming in 2004 and by 2011 the company was certified biodynamic, all based on Stefano’s steadfast desire to take better care of the land and improve quality. Though the majority of the winery’s 7.5 hectares remain planted to Gargagena, Stefano has also added Durella in his tenure, another native varietal of the Lessini mountains.

Tasting notes of  peaches, green melon and pear, green tea, whole grain mustard, and some salty and brininess on the finish

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