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Con-Greg Grigoriou grew up on a vineyard in the Riverland, South Australia, where his father managed wineries for over 35 years. A few years ago, while working for an advertising agency in Melbourne, he tasted his first truly interesting Riverland wine and something clicked – why weren’t people producing high-quality wines in his home region? Con-Greg’s idea for Delinquente Wine Co was to take advantage of the Riverland’s small vineyards planted with Southern Italian varieties, which are suited to the region’s dry Mediterranean climate. He buys in grapes from trusted growers who work organically and is pretty much hands-off in the winery.

All his wines are small-batch and single-vineyard, fermented in stainless steel with wild yeast. His aim is to make wine that is pure, drinkable, and delicious – or as he would put it, “smashable”. To complete his vision he recruited local Adelaide street artist Ankles to design the edgy, eye-catching labels. Amid a sea of Big Wine, Delinquente has managed to convey a unique aesthetic and clear point of view: fun, uncomplicated, and terroir-driven wines that will challenge people’s perception of the Riverland. Bizzarro is Delinquente’s take on an all-natural, Australian bitter apertivo that comes in a 750ml bottle. Well, they’re going next level with a range of insanely delicious canned drinks showcasing just a few of the things Bizzarro can do. 

Here, we have the Original Bizzarro Spritz – an artfully formulated combination of Bizzarro Bitter Aperitivo, natural white wine, and bubbles, heedfully compressed into 250ml cans of liquid allurement. A subtle, complex, and delicious canned cocktail; this spritz is dry and invigorating with notes of citrus, rhubarb, and gentian root. Made from artisan ingredients, the Bizzarro Spritz is pure refreshment, lower ABV, and ready for drinking anytime, anywhere.

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