Colle Florido "Il Postino"

Colle Florido "Il Postino"
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Grapes: Trebbiano

Region: Abruzzo, Italy

Vintage: 2020

Viticulture: Organic

Soils: Clay + Calcareous

Vinification:  Destemmed then maceration on the skins for one week for the 60% of the grapes then pressed and fermented in a mixture of old oak barrels and steel tanks.

Aging: 6 - 9 months

Fining or Filtering: None

Sulfur: None added

Notes from the Importer: Colle Florido is situated in Abruzzo, the greenest region in Europe, as almost half of its territory, is set as national parks and protected nature reserves. About 20 minutes drive inland, leaving behind the main coastal city of Pescara and the Adriatic sea, Andrea Ugolotti and his wife Daniela, found the perfect place for their farm and family. The winery is situated on top of a hill, just outside the little town of Pianella, around 250 metres above the sea level.

Andrea, originally from Parma, before settling in Abruzzo, was a respected sommelier. He worked for many Michelin starred restaurants (Dal Pescatore, L’Oustau de Baumaniere, and Le Bricourt to mention some), travelling between Italy, France, England and Scotland, leaving behind great professionally and reputation. After many years of high standard services, he decide to abandon the restaurant world and move to Montalcino, with the aim to reconnect himself to the land, learn how to farm and ultimately to be able to make great wines. He established great relationships with Gianfranco Soldera and Marino Colleoni. The last one also brought him to take part of the Vinnatur environment, giving him the chance to meet many other producers and create new relationships. In 2015 they decide to move back to Daniela’s homeland, renovate her parents house in Abruzzo and create Colle Florido. Today they farm 3 hectare of vines, which they now own 1.2 hectares and rent the remains 1.8 hectares. Both vineyards share the same clayey-calcareous soil. Their goal is to buying the renting vineyards and ultimately own a maximum of 4 hectares of vines. Little bit more of one hectare is planted with 25 years old vines of Montepulciano, and a 2000 square meters of vineyard with 40 years old Trebbiano vines.

Andrea has clear vision of what he wants to do. First became a farmer, because making wine is growing the grapevines. Secondly create an independent farm, where every step, from the vine to the bottle, is done and kept under control by himself. Sustainability and respect for the environment are fundaments of Andrea’s viticulture. No chemicals are used in the vineyards and only little amount of copper and sulfur, if needed, is used.

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