Domaine Gardies "Rivesaltes 85"

Domaine Gardies "Rivesaltes 85"
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Grapes: Grenache Gris + Grenache Blanc

Region: Rousillon, France

Vintage: 1985

Viticulture: Organic

Soils: Vingrau's Clay + Limestone soils

Yeasts: Native

Vinification: Direct press

Aging: 10 years in barrels

Notes from the Importer: Jean Gardies is considered to be one of the top winemakers in Roussillon by his peers and critics. His wines could be found in many Michelin-star restaurants of France. He became famous for making wines that are incredibly FRESH and full-bodied in the hot climate of Cotes Du Roussillon. One of the pioneers of biodynamic winemaking in the region Domaine Gardies is “ambitious domaine [that] is one to follow very closely" according to Revue Du Vin De France One would be hard-pressed to find any estate in France with more beautifully run vineyards than those at Domaine Gardies. Taking over the reins in the early 90’s, Jean’s biodynamically-run vineyards are nestled in the villages of Vingrau and Tautavel in prime locations to ensure the best possible expression of his wines. Tautavel is the best site of Cotes Du Roussillon. The red vines are exposed south and east facing, while the whites are located at a higher altitude and to the north.

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