Fattoria Amo "Rebel"

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Grapes: Vernaccia

Region : Tuscany, Italy

Vintage: 2022

Notes from the Importer: 

Rebel – 100% Vernaccia grapes – use the centuries-old winemaking method called “Pét-nat,” that produces a sparking wine clouded by yeast. There’s no artificial or technical intervention nor enological manipulation – no clarification or added sulphites – because the wine stays in one bottle from beginning to end. Rebel hasn’t yet been disgorged, the yeast settles on the bottom of the bottle over time and remains as a sediment. Zero residual sugar, an intense foam, apple, pear, citrus, delicious yeasty notes are part of the Rebel character. 

WARNING: open the bottle slowly as the yeasts in the wine may release the pressurised carbon dioxide all at once, causing a lot of froth and the spillage of wine.

Our village, with its medieval towers, is one of the few unspoiled places in the world, devoid of modernity thus recalling ancestral methods. Here Kong can climb its stone towers without being attacked by aircrafts and machine guns. He can rise high, not to escape from the human threat, but to enjoy a breathtaking landscape: an ancient undulating ocean of green hills as only Tuscany can offer.

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