Marc Pesnot "La Boheme"

Marc Pesnot "La Boheme"
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Grapes: Melon de Bourgogne

Region: Loire, France

Vintage: 2022

Viticulture: Organic + Biodynamic practicing

Soils: Different Schist

Vinification: Harvested by hand and destemmed. To release the complex aromatic flavonoids from under the skin, the fruit undergoes a slow manual pressing (for about 18 hours)

Aging: 9 months on the lees in stainless steel

Fining or Filtering: Unfined + a light filtration through terre diatomé.

Sulfur: Minimal added

Notes from the Importer: 

Fun facts:

  • Due to its rich geological past, Marc’s vineyards, although very close to each other, lie on a variety of schist-based soils – there are 4 different versions of it – as well as other types of rock.
  • Melon, being a rather neutral variety, is great at translating the soil into wine, so Marc showcases this diversity of expression by vinifying the different blocks separately, resulting in different terroir-based versions of his Miss Terre cuvée.
  • Marc insists on a very slow and gentle pressing in order to release the aromatic compounds “hidden” under the Melon’s skins. By pressing gently but lengthily, around 18 hours, the wines gain in complexity and depth.
  • The grapes are picked by hand at two different times to get both freshness and deeper mineral notes.
  • The labels feature drawings by a Corsican-Belgian illustrator who used to work for Hergé (the publishing house of the famous Tintin comics) – he once made a whole board of drawings for Marc, who then picked one for each cuvée.

Tasting Note: Cloudy straw in the glass with pretty notes of white flowers, pear, green apple and pounded stones. The palate is broad and creamy with elegant white fruit flavors boosted by succulent minerality, and a creamy dash of vibrant acidity. A beautiful expression of Muscadet, showing unique refinement and purity. 

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