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Maxime Magnon "La Begou'

Maxime Magnon "La Begou'

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Grape: Grenache Gris + Grenache Blanc + Carignan Gris

Region: Corbieres, France

Fermented in foudre then aged in old barrels for 10 months.

"Maxime Magnon is one of southern France’s star vignerons, but because he makes relatively little wine that we are able to import, you won’t see his name much in our newsletter. Two decades ago, Maxime did what perhaps no Burgundian had done before: he left his home region and made for Corbières, southwest of Montpellier, almost to the Pyrenees. Why would a native of Burgundy leave one of the most prized regions in the world for one that was relatively unknown? Maxime knew he wasn’t going to inherit land in Burgundy, and he couldn’t afford to buy any parcels, so he took his Burgundian experience and learning, and headed south.

While Maxime’s reds evoke the revered rouges of Morgon, his lone white wine—this Corbières blanc “Bégou”—tastes like a Mediterranean Meursault. Introducing this wine for the first time in 2004, Kermit wrote, “No one in history has come in and asked if we have a good blend of Grenache gris and Grenache blanc. Here’s one.” In the sixteen years since, I’m pretty sure that that Grenache blanc/gris request has still never left anyone’s lips in our shop. And yet, if someone is looking for a white wine that is simultaneously chiseled, mineral, complex, and luscious. This blanc is as worthy as those of a coveted place on your table or in your cellar. Pair it with roast chicken or a wide range of grilled fish for a regal feast." Kermit Lynch

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