Milan Nestarec "Youngster" White

Milan Nestarec "Youngster" White
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Grapes: Gruner Veltliner, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc

Region: Moravia, Czech Republic

Vintage: 2021

Viticulture: Organic

Soils: Loess + Clay + Loam

Vinification: All the grapes are hand-harvested and processed together from the beginning. Once pressed, the juice ferments spontaneously in stainless steel tanks where it remained until May 2022. The wine was bottled unfiltered, unfined, and with zero sulfur added.

Aging: 6 months

Fining or Filtering: None

Sulfur: None added

Notes from the Importer:  The first vines that the Nestarec family started to work with grew on a tiny plot that was returned to them as restitution in the early 1990s. The winery went professional in 2001.
Milan’s father Milan Nestarec Sr. entrusted him with all the winemaking when Milan was barely 16 years old (which makes Milan quite an experienced young winemaker now at only 33 years of age)
The vineyards and cellar switched to organic and low intervention in late 2008, inspired by Milan’s multiple encounters with natural winemakers at home and abroad
The world discovered Nestarec wines partly thanks to the Mosel biodynamic pioneer Rudolf Trossen who found them interesting and kept sending people to the Nestarec tasting table at a natural wine fair in Cologne. Only later Milan discovered that this is what made him met his first importers
The current focus of the winery is to go to great lengths to care for old vineyards and keep the energy in the bottle
Milan is a real lover of Jura, fire-roasted sausages, and exchanges of ideas. “This is the real reason why I make wine – because it’s an incomparable vehicle to connect with interesting and/or like-minded people and creators. Such a social medium.”

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